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GCN Circular 421

Super-LOTIS optical observation of GRB991014
1999-10-16T00:02:56Z (25 years ago)
Hye-Sook Park at LLNL <>
H. S. Park, R. Porrata (LLNL), G. Williams (Clemson Univ.)
report on behalf of the LOTIS collaboration:
The Super-LOTIS telescope (0.6 m reflector; 0.8 deg fov) responded to the   
BeppoSAX alert (GCN 417) automatically on Oct 15.528 UT (14.8 hours after
the GRB: 5:40 AM local time). The original BATSE trigger 7803 came 
at 2:21 PM local time and another BATSE trigger 7805 occuring the same 
evening prevented us from covering the GRB991014 location at earlier times.  
At the time of this trigger, our camera was not running the TEs because of 
recent replacement of the CCD (Super-LOTIS is in the integration phase 
at LLNL.) No astronomical filter was used for these imaging.
We obtained 9 images (40 s integration time each) before dawn. We have 
visually compared these individual images and the summed image with the 
Digital Sky Survey. No new source was identified within the BeppoSAX/WFC 
error box brighter than R = 16.8 +/- 0.3 from the summed image.
The LOTIS (17.6 x 17.6 deg fov) telescope was also running and covered 
trigger 7805; so its sky patrol did not obtain early coverage of the 
GRB991014 location. The Super-LOTIS limit supercedes the LOTIS limit 
for the BeppoSAX triggered images.
Further analysis is in progress and associated data will be placed
on our web page.
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