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GCN Circular 4206

GRB051103: MASTER: OT limit and host galaxy candidates
2005-11-07T14:34:45Z (19 years ago)
Vladimir Lipunov at Moscow State U/Krylov Obs <>
V. Lipunov, V.Kornilov, D.Kuvshinov, N.Tyurina, A.Belinski, E.Gorbovskoy,
A.Krylov, G.Borisov, A.Sankovich, G.Antipov, V.Vladimirov

Sternberg Astronomical Institute, Moscow Union 'Optic'
MASTER  robotic system ( responded to 
GRB051103.4 (GRB_TIME is 2005-11-03 09:25:43.785, S. Golenetskii et  al., 
GCN4197) at several  minutes after GCN Circ4197 time (GCN4198).
The first image (6 square degrees) was at 2005-11-05 19:55:47 UT, 2 days 
10:30:03.215  after the GRB time.
We have  36  images with total exposition 1080 s between 19:55:47 - 
21:45:17 on 6 square degrees area. The robot not find
OT-candidate in IPN error box.
Our upper limit of the sum is about  18.5 m (the wether was not very 

The unfiltered images are calibrated 
relative to USNO A2.0 (0.8 R + 0.2 B).

There are 4 galaxies overlaps and inside IPN error box (see image):

   Name         Type   Coordinates (J2000)     Magnitude  Redchift  Diameter
                                               B  MASTER            25isophot

NGC3031 (M81)  Sab           -               7.8    -    0.000376   big
NGC3034 (M82)  S?            -               9.2    -    0.000677   big
PGC2719634     ?    09 51 32.25 +68 31 23.4 17.8  16.7      ?       16".9
PGC028505      E    09 53 10.17 +69 00 02.1   ?   14.8      ?        6".0

M81 as candidate  (S. Golenetskii et  al., GCN4197) for SGR host
galaxy is  high probable, but we note that
error box placed outside spiral arms region, where the progenitor of high 
magnetized Neutron Star formated. However structure of the galaxy is 
distorted by tidal intaractions. For example there is Ultraluminous X-ray source
M81 X-9 (see Wang, 2002, ) on same 
distance from M81 center (this source is not in error box and belong to 
high mass binary population). There is now known SN remnants in error 
box  (see for example D.Matonick and R.Fessen, ApJ SS 112,49,1997 which 
not investigated IPN error box region).

We stress on elliptical galaxy PGC028505.
This galaxy close to center of the IPN error box.
The distance to PGC028505 can be  estimated as about 80 Mpc.
Assuming this burst originated from a source PGC028505,
the isotrpoic energy release of this GRB is ~2x10^49 erg.
This energy is about 1 order more than GRB050509b one associated with 
elliptical galaxy (Barthelmy et al., GCN3385).
In any case X-ray and optical observations (for search SNR) highly needed.

The sum JPG-image is  available at .
The IPN error box and galaxies are presented.

This work is supported by RFFI  04-02-16411 grant.
This message can be cited.
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