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GCN Circular 4196

GRB 051105A, optical observations
2005-11-05T18:19:45Z (19 years ago)
Sylvio Klose at TLS Tautenburg <>
S. Klose, U. Laux, and B. Stecklum, Thueringer Landessternwarte


Tautenburg started observing the error circle of GRB 051105A (Cummings
et al. 2005) on Oct 05, 16:37 UT, i.e. about 10 hrs after the burst.

Among the XRT sources reported in GCN 4195 (Mineo et al. 2005), only
source S1 lies within the r=2.5 arcmin GRB error circle (Barbier
et al. 2005, GCN 4194). This source is close to a galaxy. Since we
can resolve this galaxy its redshift might be less than 0.5.

A first inspection of the combined R-band image (9x5 min) shows two
sources in the 6.5 arcsec error circle (S1). The brighter one at RA,
DEC (J2000) = 17:41:10.05, 34:55:43.5 (+/- 1 arcsec, is barely visible on
the DSS2, the fainter one, at RA, DEC = 17:41:10.21, 34:55:41.4 (+/- 1
arcsec), is beyond the limiting magnitude of the DSS2.

Observations are ongoing.

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