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GCN Circular 36

GRB980329 optical observations
1998-04-01T13:55:07Z (26 years ago)
Sylvio Klose at TLS_Tautenburg <>
S. Klose, H. Meusinger & H. Lehmann (Thueringer Landessternwarte Tautenburg,
Germany) report:

The error box of GRB 980329 was imaged in V, R & I on March 29.8 - 30.0 UT, 
and in R and I on March 31.8 - 31.9 UT, using the Tautenburg Schmidt 
telescope equipped with the Schmidt focus CCD camera.  Further R-band images 
were obtained on March 31.8 UT with the 2.2-m telescope at Calar Alto, Spain,
equipped with CAFOS. 

A comparison of these images shows no object in the final 1-arcmin GRB error
box for which the R-magnitude has declined by more than about 0.5 mag.
Based on this finding it seems that the magnitude of the GRB afterglow
was R > 20 about 15 hours after the burst (or the magnitude of the optical
afterglow did not notably vary over this time span). 

R-band images (gif-files) taken on March 29.85 and 30.0 UT are available
via anonymous ftp from

in the directory /pub/klose. 
Further images will be make available, when deeper I-band images are obtained. 

Comments are welcome.
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