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GCN Circular 3584

GRB 050713, R-band observations at NOT
2005-07-13T08:02:26Z (19 years ago)
Alberto Castro-Tirado at Astro. de Andalucia <>
S. Guziy, A. J. Castro-Tirado, A. de Ugarte Postigo,
J. Gorosabel (IAA-CSIC Granada), J. de Le�n Cruz
(IAC Tenerife),  O. Bogdanov (Nikolaev State Univ.)
and M. Jel�nek (IAA-CSIC),


"Following the detection of GRB 050713 by Swift
(Falcone et al. GCNC 3581), we obtained R-band
images at the 2.5m Nordic Optical Telescope
(+ ALFOSC) starting on June 13.295 UT (about
47 min after the burst onset). We confirm the
presence of an optical source fainter than the DSS-2
limiting magnitude within the reported Swift/XRT
error box, at RA(2000) = 21 22 09.53,  Dec(2000) =
+77 04 29.5 (+/- 0.4"), consistent with the position
reported by Malesani et al. (GCNC 3582). Further
observations are needed in order to confirm if this
is the optical afterglow to GRB 050713. "

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