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GCN Circular 3507

GRB 050525a, infrared observations
2005-06-01T16:50:24Z (19 years ago)
Peter Garnavich at U of Notre Dame <>
D. Kaplan (MIT), P. Garnavich (Notre Dame), J. Rosenberg (CfA)
  and K.Z. Stanek (CfA, Ohio State)

The field of GRB 050525a (Band et al. GCN 3466) was imaged
with the PANIC infrared camera on the Baade telescope of the
Magellan Observatory on May 26 and 27 (UT) and we detect the
afterglow (Rykoff et al. GCN 3465;3468) in the Ks-band on
both nights. Using the 2MASS calibrated stars in the field
we find the afterglow on May 26.278 (UT) to have Ks=19.2+/-0.1.

We also have properly calibrated the FLWO observation obtained
on May 25 (Rosenberg & Garnavich GCN 3471) and combined all three
nights of data. We find that the afterglow light curve in the
K-band is well represented by a power-law decay with a slope
of -1.6 and Ks=18.75 one day after the burst.

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