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GCN Circular 3470

GRB 050525: Optical observation
2005-05-25T04:44:38Z (19 years ago)
Ken ichi Torii at RIKEN <>
K. Torii (Osaka U.) and Matt BenDaniel ( report:

 "The error region of the bright GRB 050525 (Band et al. GCN 3466;
Markwardt et al. GCN 3467) was observed with the Slooh 14 inch f/6.3
telescope at Observatorio del Teide in the Canary Islands.

 The observation started at 2005 May 25, 00:50 UT (47 minutes after
the burst) and a 30 s exposure in each of red, green, and blue filter
was obtained. We stacked the three frames and compared it with the DSS

 As a result of the preliminary analysis, we note a 3.3-sigma
enhancement at position

(R.A., Dec.) = (18:32:32.65 +26:20:24.5) (J2000, 1.3" uncertainty) 

with R~16.6 (USNO-A2.0 magnitude). 
This is 8".4 away from the Swift XRT position (GCN 3466) while it agrees
with the refined position (Rykoff et al. GCN
3468) for the optical afterglow candidate (Rykoff et al. GCN 3465)."
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