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GCN Circular 33634

GRB 230414B: Montarrenti Observatory late time optical afterglow detection
2023-04-16T13:28:28Z (a year ago)
Simone Leonini at Monarrenti Obs <>
Simone Leonini, M. Conti, P. Rosi, L.M. Tinjaca Ramirez (Montarrenti Observatory, Siena, Italy), M.G. Dainotti (National Astronomical Observatory of Japan), Y. Niino (Tokyo University, Institute of Astronomy), K. Kalinowski (Aarhus University, Department of Physics and Astronomy) and B. De Simone (Universita' degli Studi Di Salerno) report: 

 We observed the field of GRB 230414B (Swift trigger 1164180, A. D'Ai et al. GCN 33612; Lipunov GCN 33614; Pankov et al. GCN 33615; Lu et al. GCN 33616; Raman et al. GCN 33618; Ghosh et al. GCN 33620; Moskvitin et al. GCN 33622; Malesani et al. GCN 33623; Zhu et al. GCN 33625; Gupta et al. GCN 33627; Belkin et al. GCN 33628; Agui Fernandez et al. GCN 33629; Quadri & Strabla GCN 33630; Chen et al. GCN 33631) with the automatic 0.53m RC telescope + U47 detector at Montarrenti Observatory (Siena, Italy, IAU code C88). 

 The observations were started in a windy night under mediocre seeing conditions at 2023-04-15 21:18:31 UT (approximately 29 hours after burst) stacking 20x30s unfiltered CCD exposures. 

 The optical afterglow was detected at the following position: 

 RA    (J2000.0)   12h 04m 22.68s +/-0.22 
Decl. (J2000.0) +53�� 09'   17.2"    +/-0.28 

 Preliminary photometry is obtained using nearby USNO-B1 stars as follows: 

 2023 Apr 15.89133 UT (21:23:31 mid-time) CR=21.53 +/-0.18 

 Measures are not corrected for galactic dust extinction
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