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GCN Circular 32967

GRB221120A: WIRC near-IR imaging of the afterglow candidate
2022-11-22T00:37:56Z (2 years ago)
Viraj Karambelkar at Indian Inst of Tech,Bombay <>
Viraj Karambelkar (Caltech), Zach Vanderbosch (Caltech), Mansi Kasliwal
(Caltech), Igor Andreoni (U. of Maryland)

We observed the location of the short duration GRB 221120A (Eyles-Ferris et
al., GCN 32955, Tohuvavohu et al., GCN 32959) in the NIR J-band with the
Wide-Field Infrared Camera (WIRC, Wilson et al. 2003) on the 200-inch Hale
telescope at Palomar Observatory. Observations began on November 21, 2022
at 06:22:07 UT (approx. 9 hours since the Swift detection), and comprise a
series of 30x45 second exposures.

We detect a faint source centered at RA = 02:45:21.3, Dec = +43:14:35.2

Performing forced aperture photometry at the location of this source
suggests a J-band magnitude of

m_J = 22.0 +/- 0.3 mag (AB).

This source is spatially coincident with that reported by Rastinejad et al.
(GCN 32965) from archival PS1 images, and also consistent with the position
of the LDT afterglow candidate (O'Connor et al., GCN 32957).

The magnitude reported above is not corrected for Galactic interstellar
reddening E(B-V)~0.08 mag
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