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GCN Circular 32635

GRB 221009A: Swift detected transient may be GRB
2022-10-09T20:44:25Z (2 years ago)
Jamie Kennea at Penn State U <>
J. A. Kennea and M. Williams (PSU) report on behalf of the Swift Team:

We provide an update on the BAT trigger 1126853, AKA Swift J1913.1+1946   
(GCN #32632). Examination of XRT data from this trigger shows strong 
fading. We also note that Fermi/LAT has triggered on the same location.   
There is also a possible association with a Fermi/GBM trigger @ 
13:16:59UT. Given this, we believe that this source is now likely a 
Gamma-Ray Burst and not a Galactic Transient. If the GBM trigger is the   
same source, this would suggest a highly energetic outburst, and therefore
we strongly encourage follow-up of this usual event.
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