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GCN Circular 3204

GRB 050408: Moderate-resolution Gemini Spectroscopy
2005-04-09T09:41:01Z (19 years ago)
Josh Bloom at Harvard/CFA <>
Jason X. Prochaska (UCO/Lick Obs.), J. S. Bloom (UCB), H.-W. Chen (MIT),
R. J. Foley (UCB) & K. Roth (Gemini Obs.) report on behalf of the GRAASP

"We acquired a Gemini/GMOS optical spectrum (R~3000) of the afterglow GRB
050408 (GCN #3189) on UT April 9.42.  We identify MgI absorption at a
heliocentric redshift of z=1.2357 +/- 0.0002, consistent with the
previously reported value (GCN #3201).  In addition we confirm the
presence of a resolved emission doublet consistent with redshifted
[OII]3727. We also report tentative detections of the TiII 3230, 3384
transitions suggesting the gas associated with the host galaxy is
relatively dust poor and/or high in metal content."

We thank the Gemini observing staff for assistance.
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