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GCN Circular 31687

IceCube-220303A: One X-ray counterpart from Swift/XRT follow up observations
2022-03-05T19:15:25Z (2 years ago)
Felicia Krauss at Penn State U <>
Felicia McBride, Derek B. Fox, Doug Cowen, Hugo Ayala Solares, Timoth��e 
Gregoire, Jamie Kennea (PSU), Alexis Coleiro (APC), and Phil Evans 
(Leicester) report for AMON (

The Neil Gehrels Swift Observatory X-ray Telescope (XRT) observed the 
uncertainty region of the IceCube neutrino event IceCube-220303A (GCN 
Circ. 31679) on 2022-03-04, between 00:22 and 02:25 UTC.
A 10-point tiling observation centered on the neutrino position was 
taken for a total of 4 ksec.
Of the 90% confidence 4.3 sq. degrees uncertainty region, the XRT 
observations cover roughly 50% of the central area, but the 50% 
uncertainty region almost completely.

 ��One X-ray candidate counterpart was detected at the coordinates of 
R.A.: 267.715732, Dec.: 10.9488175 (J2000.0), which may be consistent 
with the source WISEA J175051.31+105645.3 at a redshift of 0.066. The 
0.5-10 keV flux of the source is ~5e-13 erg/s/cm^2, but cannot be 
constrained well due to the short observation. We have requested 
follow-up observations with NuSTAR.

Multiwavelength follow-up observations are encouraged.
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