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GCN Circular 31365

GRB 220101A : Eiso equals the maximum isotropic GRB energy
2022-01-02T09:38:15Z (2 years ago)
Jean-Luc Atteia at IRAP <>
J.-L. Atteia reports:

A quick calculation of the isotropic energy of GRB 220101A, whose prompt emission was detected from space by Swift/BAT (A. Tohuvavohu et al. 2022, GCN 31347), Fermi/LAT (M. Arimoto et al. 2022, GCN 31350), AGILE (A. Ursi et al. 2022, GCN 31354), and Fermi/GBM (Lesage et al. 2022, GCN 31360) was done using the redshift z = 4.618 measured at Xinlong (Fu et al. 2022, GCN 31353) and NOT (Fynbo te al. 2022, GCN 31359) and the spectral parameters measured by Fermi/GBM (Lesage et al. 2022, GCN 31360).

The isotropic energy of GRB 220101A reaches 3.7 10^54 ergs, equaling the maximum isotropic energy measured for GRBs to date (Atteia et al. 2017, ApJ 837, 119).
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