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GCN Circular 3001

GRB050128: Faulkes Telescope South observations
2005-01-30T13:41:24Z (19 years ago)
Alessandro Monfardini at JMU/Liverpool Robotic Tele <>
A. Monfardini (Liverpool), N. Tanvir (Hertfordshire), R. Smith
(Liverpool), C. Mottram (Liverpool), D. Carter (Liverpool), C. Mundell
(Liverpool), C. Guidorzi (Liverpool), B. Chapman (Hertfordshire),
P. O'Brien (Leicester) on behalf of the larger Robonet consortium, report:

"We obtained BVRI images centered on the SWIFT-XRT detection of GRB050128
(GCN 2991; BAT detection: GCN 2992) with the 2-m Faulkes Telescope South
on Siding Spring, Australia.
Observations started on January 28.658 UT, i.e. 11.455 hours after the GRB.
The robotic GRB pipeline did not find any new objects with reference to
USNOB, GSC2.3 and 2MASS catalogues.

We report the preliminary R-band limit:

Time from GRB   ExpTime    Filter    Limit Mag.
(days)          (s)
0.477           240         R        ~20.5

The above limit magnitude has been derived by comparison with USNOB
catalog and refers to a single out of five 240s exposures.
Analysis is in progress on I images (5x300s). Further observations are
planned for variability check that requires a comparison image deeper than
the DSS-2.

This message can be cited."
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