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GCN Circular 28685

GRB 201014A: MMT afterglow detection
2020-10-19T14:17:38Z (4 years ago)
Tanmoy Laskar at U of Bath <>
T. Laskar (University of Bath), K. Paterson, J. Rastinejad, C. D.
Kilpatrick, and W. Fong (Northwestern) report on behalf of a larger

"We observed Swift GRB 201014A (Ambrosi et al., GCN 28623) with Binospec on
the MMT 6.5-meter telescope at Mount Hopkins, Arizona. We obtained
10x120-sec imaging in the i' and z' bands beginning on 2020 October 17 at
08:55:10 UT and 09:31:56 UT, respectively.

Within the XRT position (D'Elia et al., GCN 28626; Perri et al., GCN
28638), we detect the previously reported optical afterglow (Pozanenko et
al., GCN 28628; Zhu et al., GCN 28655). Calibrated to SDSS, we measure i' =
23.3 +/- 0.1 mag and z' = 22.8 +/- 0.1 mag at a mid-time of 2.45 days since
the burst. Magnitudes are in the AB system and are not corrected for
Galactic extinction.

We thank Skyler Self and Ben Weiner at the MMT for the rapid scheduling and
execution of these observations.''
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