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GCN Circular 2835

Triangulation of short GRB 041116 (large error box)
2004-11-17T16:58:37Z (20 years ago)
Dmitry Frederiks at Ioffe Institute <>
S. Golenetskii, R.Aptekar, E. Mazets, V. Pal'shin, D. Frederiks
on behalf of Konus-Wind and Helicon/Coronas-F teams,

T. Cline on behalf of the Konus-Wind team, and

A. Rau, A. von Kienlin, G. Lichti on behalf of the INTEGRAL SPI-ACS
GRB team report:

A short GRB 041116 was detected by Konus-Wind at 14:42:41.383 UT
and Helicon-Coronas-F at 14:42:41.245 UT.
It was also detected by INTEGRAL SPI-ACS.
It had a duration ~0.5 s as observed by Konus-Wind and
Helicon-Coronas-F. A weak precusor is seen
in the Integral SPI-ACS light curve ~0.5s before
main peak, which was missed by Helicon and Konus.
The total duration of the burst including
precursor is about 1.2 s.

We have triangulated it to Wind-Helicon annulus centered at
RA(2000) = 74.438 deg, Decl(2000) = 23.927 deg,
whose radius is 82.326 +/- 0.801 deg (3 sigma)
and Helicon-Integral annulus centered at
RA(2000) = 53.372 deg, Decl(2000) = -27.483 deg,
whose radius is 87.01 +/- 5.32 deg (3 sigma).

These annuli intersect to form 2 error boxes,
one of which may be eliminated by the Konus
ecliptic latitude response and Helicon occultation
by Eearth.

The resulting error box has an approximate
area of 14 sq. deg.  Its coordinates are:

		     RA(2000)   DEC(2000)
  ERROR BOX CENTER:   341.482     25.719
  ERROR BOX CORNER 1: 344.755     20.592
  ERROR BOX CORNER 2: 339.175     32.526
  ERROR BOX CORNER 3: 337.980     30.844
  ERROR BOX CORNER 4: 343.629     18.975
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