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GCN Circular 28330

GRB 200829A: Continued Nanshan/NEXT optical observations
2020-08-31T07:52:40Z (4 years ago)
Dong Xu at NAOC/CAS <>
Z.P. Zhu, S.Y Fu, X. Liu, D. Xu (NAOC), X. Gao (Urumqi No.1 Senior High 
School), X. Zhang,  J.Z. Liu (XAO) report:

We continued to observe the optical afterglow (e.g., Siegel et al., GCN 
28307; Pozanenko et al., GCN 28308; Kuin and Siegel, GCN 28311; Lipunov 
et al., GCN 28315; Vinko et al., 28316; Hentunen et al., GCN 28318; Zhu 
et al., GCN 28324; Moskvitin et al., GCNs 28322, 28328; Pankov et al., 
GCN 28329) of GRB 200829A (Siegel et al., GCN 28307; Ursi et al., GCN 
28314; Ridnaia et al., GCN  28323; Lesage et al., GCN 28326), using the 
NEXT-0.6m telescope located at Nanshan, Xinjiang, China. We obtained 28 
frames in the Sloan r band, starting at 15:24:17 UT on 2020-08-30, i.e., 
about 1.058 d after the BAT trigger.

Preliminary photometric measurements are as follows:
Filter	        T_exp/s	T_mid/d	Mag	     Mag_err
SDSS-r	8x120	1.062       >20.6
SDSS-r	20x120	1.307       21.20        0.16

calibrated with nearby Pan-STARRS stars.
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