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GCN Circular 2830

GRB 041006: Optical Observations
2004-11-04T06:28:19Z (20 years ago)
Grant Williams at Steward Observatory <>
G. Williams, X. Fan, A. Diamond-Stanic, M. Bayliss, D. Reichart, S. Shaw,
A. Homewood, D. H. Hartmann, and M. Schwartz report on behalf of the MMTO,
U. North Carolina, and SARA GRB teams of the FUN GRB collaboration:
We observed the afterglow location (Da Costa et al., GCN 2765) of GRB
041006 (Galassi et al., GCN 2770) in Bg'VRc beginning 14.9 hours after the
burst.  Using the field calibration of Henden (GCN 2801), we report the
following magnitudes:
Start      Mean Time  Filter  Exposure     Magnitude     Telescope
Date       Since GRB          Time (sec)   (1)
           (hours)            x Exposures
Oct 7.134  15.127     Rc      300 x 5      >19.3         0.9m SARA
Oct 7.153  15.582     B       300 x 5      >18.2         0.9m SARA
Oct 7.110  16.250     Rc      180 x 36     >19.3         0.6m MO(2)
Oct 7.172  16.426     V       300 x 14     21.2+/-0.6    0.9m SARA
Oct 7.280  18.408     g'      300 x 2      21.75+/-0.08  2.3m Bok
(1) Limiting magnitudes are 2 sigma.

(2) Morehead Observatory
Previously reported in GCN 2799, the SARA observations are updated now
that the field calibration is available.
A light curve is available at:
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