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GCN Circular 28027

Updated catalog of X-ray bursts of SGR J1935+2154 from Insight-HXMT observations
2020-06-25T07:26:57Z (4 years ago)
Shaolin Xiong at IHEP <>
C.-K. Li, C. Cai, S.-N. Zhang, S.-L. Xiong, X.-B. Li, M.-Y. Ge,
S.-M. Jia, J.-Y. Nie, H.-S. Zhao, C.-Z. Liu, Y. Chen, X.-L. Cao,
Y.-P. Xu, F.-J. Lu, L.-M. Song (IHEP), T.-P. Li (THU/IHEP),
on behalf of the Insight-HXMT team:

 From 2020-04-28 07:14:51 to 2020-06-01 01:05:48 UTC, Insight/HXMT
has been observing SGR J1935+2154 under a dedicated public ToO.

In previous reports (GCN #27718, Atel #13729), a preliminary list of
x-ray bursts has been reported. Here we update the basic information of this
burst list, which can be found at:

In this updated and refined analysis, all data of HE, ME and LE of
Insight-HXMT have been extensively searched for bursts with time scales
from 5 ms to 1 s, followed by a careful screening of false positives.
A total of 133 bursts has been yielded. The trigger time (i.e. the arrival
time at Insight-HXMT, without correction to geocentric time), fluence and
duration of these bursts are also included in this online catalog.

Details about this analysis will be published in forthcoming papers.

The sensitivities (3-sigma) of Insight-HXMT to short bursts were 
reported in
GCN #27718 and Atel #13729. Time intervals that SGR J1935+2154 was
effectively monitored by Insight-HXMT (i.e. excluding Earth blocking and
detector turn-off during SAA passages) has also been updated
and could be found at:

Requests for targeted searches for fainter bursts at specific times and/or
for specific intervals may be sent to C.-K. Li (
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