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GCN Circular 27753

GRB 200514A: AstroSat CZTI detection
2020-05-18T14:27:20Z (4 years ago)
Soumya Gupta at IUCAA/ASTROSAT <soumya@iucaa>
S. Gupta, V. Sharma and D. Bhattacharya (IUCAA), V. Bhalerao (IIT-B), A. R. Rao (IUCAA/TIFR) and S. Vadawale (PRL) report on behalf of the AstroSat CZTI collaboration:

The AstroSat CZT Imager recorded a transient event in all four of its Veto detectors, coincident with the GRB200514A reported by MAXI (Okamoto Y. et al., GCN #27735) and CALET (Ricciarini S. et al., GCN # 27743).  There was no significant detection in the main CZT detectors.  The sky location reported by MAXI was 155 deg away from the CZTI pointing axis, causing the Veto detectors to face the source. The peak of the light curve occurred at 2020-05-14 02:21:14.435 UT. We estimate a T90 of 9.64 sec from the combined Veto lightcurves.

CZTI GRB detections are reported regularly on the payload site at CZTI is built by a TIFR-led consortium of institutes across India, including VSSC, ISAC, IUCAA, SAC and PRL. The Indian Space Research Organisation funded, managed and facilitated the project.
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