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GCN Circular 27329

GRB 200306C: BOOTES-1 detection of the optical afterglow
2020-03-07T00:04:48Z (4 years ago)
Alberto J. Castro-Tirado at IAA-CSIC <>
Y.-D. Hu, A. J. Castro-Tirado and E. Fernandez-Garcia (IAA-CSIC), C. 
Perez del Pulgar, A. Reina, A. Castellon, I. Carrasco, I. Perez-Garcia 
(UMA), F. Rendon (IAA-CSIC and INTA-CEDEA), on behalf of a larger 
collaboration, report:

The 30cm BOOTES-1 robotic telescope at INTA-CEDEA in Huelva (Spain) 
automatically responded to the Swift trigger of GRB 200306C (Gropp et 
al., GCNC 27326). A sequence of 1-s images (clear filter) were obtained 
starting at 22:52:28 UT (i.e. 109s after the burst). At the UVOT 
position reported by Swift an optical transient is detected with R = 
14.9, in agreement with the MASTER (Lipunov et al. GCNC 27324) and FRAM 
detections (Jelinek et al. GCNC 27328). A detailed analysis for the 
sequence of images which were obtained is ongoing. The magnitude is 
calibrated against the USNO-B1 catalog and is not corrected for Galactic 
extinction in the direction of the GRB.

We thank the staff at INTA-CEDEA for its excellent support.
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