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GCN Circular 26970

ZTF20aajnksq: Occulted by Earth at the time of GRB 200128A
2020-02-03T04:40:02Z (4 years ago)
Rachel Hamburg at UAH <>
R. Hamburg (UAH) reports on behalf of the Fermi-GBM Team:

The newly discovered transient ZTF20aajnksq (GCN 26966)
was found within the 3-sigma localization contour of
GRB 200128A (GCN 26909) approximately 3 hours after the
GBM trigger time. However the reported position
of ZTF20aajnksq:

12:47:04.87 +45:12:02.3 (J2000)
191.770292 +45.200626 (J2000)

was occulted by the Earth for Fermi-GBM from approximately
25.3 minutes prior until 1.8 minutes after the GRB trigger
time. The position was also occulted 18.0 minutes prior
until 8.8 minutes after the ZTF20aajnksq detection time.
Therefore, we consider it unlikely that GRB 200128A is
associated with ZTF20aajnksq.
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