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GCN Circular 2644

GRB 040812: Keck and LCO observations
2004-08-14T22:43:57Z (20 years ago)
Edo Berger at Caltech <>
E. Berger (Carnegie Observatories), D.B. Fox, S.R. Kulkarni (Caltech),
Wojtek Krzeminski and Mario Hamuy (Las Campanas Observatory, Carnegie)
report on behalf of a larger collaboration:

"We imaged the 2-arcmin error circle of GRB 040812 (GCN #2640) with the
Low-Resolution Imaging Spectrometer on the Keck-I telescope 47 and 104
minutes after the burst, and with the Du Pont 2.5-m telescope at Las
Campanas Observatory (LCO) 1.75 days after the burst.  All observations
were taken in the I-band (Galactic extinction, A_I~2.3 mag).  Within the
8-arcsec radius error cirle of the VLA source detected by Soderberg (GCN
#2643) we find several sources, but none exhibit significant variability
either between the two Keck epochs or between the Keck and LCO
observations.  Visual comparison of the two Keck epochs do not reveal the
presence of a strongly fading source within the entire 2-arcmin INTEGRAL
error circle."

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