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GCN Circular 2618

Optical Observations of GRB040624
2004-07-02T18:44:03Z (20 years ago)
S. Bradley Cenko at Caltech <>
S. B. Cenko, D. B. Fox, and A. Gal-Yam (Caltech), with J. Dann, Y. Lipkin,
E. Medezinski, and E. Ofek (Wise Observatory, TAU), on behalf of
a larger collaboration, report:

"We have observed the error circle of the Integral GRB040624 (GCN 2613)
with the Wise 40-inch telescope on June 24.77 mean UT (10.0 hours after
the burst). Observations consisted of 4 x 210 second unfiltered images, and
these images were co-added to reach a limiting magnitude of ~ 20.0.

In addition, the field was observed by the newly automated Palomar 60"
telescope, from June 25.09 - June 25.29 UT (21.1 - 22.5 hours after the
burst).  Observations consisted of 28 x 180 second R-band images, co-added
to reach a limiting magnitude of ~ 21.5.  Both epochs were observed with ~
2.5" seeing, and the Palomar observations were contaminated with
background light from the nearby moon.

Neither epoch shows any new sources when compared with Sloan Digital
Sky Survey r-band images extracted from the SDSS DR2.  In addition,
digital subtraction of the two epochs yields no
variable objects down to the limiting magnitude of the first epoch.

FITS images may be found at"
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