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GCN Circular 25686

ZTF19abvizsw/AT2019pim, search for GRB in SPI-ACS/INTEGRAL data
2019-09-08T15:12:03Z (5 years ago)
Alexei Pozanenko at IKI, Moscow <>
I. Chelovekov, A. Pozanenko, P. Minaev, S. Grebenev on behalf of the IKI
GRB FuN collaboration report:

Using SPI-ACS/INTEGRAL data  we performed a search for a possible GRB 
which can be a source of the orphan  transient ZTF19abvizsw discovered 
and observed in optic (Kool et al., GCN 25616; Burdge et al., GCN 25639; 
Wei et al., GCN 15640; Perley et al., GCN 25643; Belkin GCN 25683).

The search was performed in    a time window between the last ZTF 
non-detection (2019-09-01 UT 07:35) and the discovery of 
ZTF19abvizsw/AT2019pim (2019-09-02 03:08). The SPI-ACS was switch off at 
low orbit radiation belts pass between 2019-09-01 09:09:36 - 2019-09-01 
19:28:44, and operating normally in other time intervals. A blind search 
for impulsed events was performed on two time scales, 1s and 5 s. We 
found following candidates for long duration GRBs. Below we present UTC 
time of the trigger, light curve figure and comment. Some event data is 
also presented in the figures.

UTC: 2019-09-01T07:24:05
comment: not visible in GBM

UTC: 2019-09-01T21:24:43
comment: might be coinciding with the tail of GBM trigger bn190901890 at 
2019-09-01 21:19:37.514

UTC: 2019-09-02T01:36:16
comment: no GBM data yet
comment: the event is also triggered IBAS

One more triggered event  at 2019-09-01T19:32:19 is most probably 
geophysical origin because of coincidence with IREM  channel of  e- with 
energies more than 500 keV.  We also note the absence of any trigger in 
GBM data at that time. We do not consider it as a candidate,  we plot it 
only for the reference.
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