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GCN Circular 2547

GRB040223, improved XMM position
2004-03-17T15:08:40Z (20 years ago)
Andrea De Luca at IASF-CNR,Milano <>
A. De Luca (IASF, Milan, on behalf of Progetto Swift Italia), S.
Mereghetti, A. Tiengo (IASF, Milan), S. Campana (OAB-Merate) report:

We have obtained an improved position for the likely afterglow of the
INTEGRAL GRB 040223 (GCN 2525)

Astrometry of the XMM-Newton/EPIC images was done by matching X-ray
sources in the field to stars in the USNO-B1 catalogue. The refined
position (J2000) for the X-ray afterglow (source XMMU J163929.9-415601,
GCN 2530) is:

RA:16h 39m 30.17s    Dec:-41d 55' 59.7''

The 1 sigma error radius is 1.5 arcsec (including the rms error on the
cross-correlation as well as systematic uncertainties in the optical

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