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GCN Circular 2480

IPN/HETE localization of GRB031203B (=H2949; large error box)
2003-12-06T16:34:24Z (20 years ago)
Kevin Hurley at UCBerkeley/SSL <>
K. Hurley and T. Cline, on behalf of the HETE and Konus-Wind
GRB teams,

G. Ricker, J-L Atteia, N. Kawai, D. Lamb, S. Woosley, J. Doty, R.
Vanderspek, J. Villasenor, G. Crew, G. Monnelly, N. Butler, J.G.
Jernigan, A. Levine, F. Martel, E. Morgan, G. Prigozhin, J. Braga, R.
Manchanda, G. Pizzichini, Y. Shirasaki, C. Graziani, M. Matsuoka, T.
Tamagawa, K. Torii, T. Sakamoto, A. Yoshida, E. Fenimore, M. Galassi,
T. Tavenner, T. Donaghy, M. Boer, J-F Olive, and J-P Dezalay, on behalf
of the HETE GRB team, and

E. Mazets and S. Golenetskii, on behalf of the Konus-Wind GRB team,

Konus-Wind and HETE (FREGATE and WXM)  observed this GRB at
21537 seconds.  Its duration was approximately 9 seconds.

We have triangulated it to a preliminary annulus centered at RA,
Decl(2000)= 76.207, 18.592 degrees, with radius 56.016 +/-  1.739
degrees (3 sigma).

GRB031203B was detected by HETE as trigger H2949.  The burst was
detected just a few seconds before the end of orbital science
operations, when the optical aspect was not available.  It was observed
by the WXM X-camera, but not by the Y camera.  This event has a hard
spectrum (Epeak ~ 160 keV) and a 30-400 keV fluence of 8E-6 erg/cm2.
The  HETE localization is a circle of 10 degree radius centered at RA,
Decl(2000)=133.41, +53.22 degrees.

The IPN annulus intersects this circle at four points to form an error
box whose area is approximately 69 sq. degrees.  The intersection
points are:

RA(2000)  DEC(2000)
134.252   43.235
123.689   61.775
130.660   63.116
138.978   43.915

A map has been posted at  HETE
lightcurves and the results of automated spectral analyses can be found
on the HETE web page 
This localization may be improved, but a small error box cannot
be determined for this event.
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