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GCN Circular 2470

GRB031203 : Optical Observation of Lulin Observatory
2003-12-05T08:24:14Z (21 years ago)
Kuiyun Huang at IANCU <>
GRB031203 : Optical Observation of Lulin Observatory

C.H. Hsia, H.C. Lin (NCU)
K.Y. Huang, Y. Urata, W.H. Ip, T. Tamagawa on behalf of Lulin the GRB
team report:

"We observed the location of the INTEGRAL GRB031203(Gotz et al. GCN2459)
 with 1.0m telescope at Lulin Observatory (Institute of Astronomy, National
 Central University, Taiwan) from 5 December 2003 18.6 UT to 19.6 UT. 
 There are 6 images taken at I-band with exposure time 300 sec(1 frame) 
 and 600 sec(5 frames). 
  Comparison with DSS2 I-band image, a new source was found at RA= 08h
02m 30.1s Dec= -39deg 51' 03.3"(J2000) in our combined image. It is in 
the error region of the S1 of XMM-Newton observation (M. Santos-Lleo
and P. Calderon, GCN2464). There are no new object was observed at S2.

  Image with comparison DSS2 is posted at : 

   Further analysis and observation are in progress."

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