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GCN Circular 24493

LIGO/Virgo S190510g: KMTNet observation of DECam-GROWTH and DESGW candidates
2019-05-11T23:37:09Z (5 years ago)
Myungshin Im at Seoul Nat U <>
Myungshin Im (SNU), Joonho Kim (SNU), Chung-Uk Lee (KASI), Seung-Lee Kim
(KASI), Gregory S. H. Paek (SNU),  Gu Lim (SNU),  Changsu Choi (SNU),
 Sungyong Hwang (SNU), Bomi Park (SNU), Sophia Kim (SNU),  Hyung Mok Lee
(KASI), on behalf of a larger collaboration

With KMTNet, we observed the optical counterpart candidates from
DECam-GROWTH and DESGW (Andreoni et al. GCN 24467; Annis et al. GCN 24474;
Sores-Santos et al. GCN 24480) of the BNS merger candidate event, S190510g
(LIGO/Virgo GCN 24448). The observation took place at the KMTNet South
Africa (SAAO), Chile (CTIO), and Australia (SSO) stations. The list of the
observed targets are given below,  along with preliminary R-band
magnitudes. Note that the errors do not include systematic errors due to
image subtraction. The error associated with the image subtraction should
be considered to be 0.1-0.2 mag at this moment. None of the candidates
below show significant fading (> 0.5 mag) over ~1 day. All of the
candidates show very slow or no fading, consistent with them being
supernovae. Further observation is ongoing.
We thank the KMTNet staffs for performing the observation.

Object name       UT                                R(mag) Rerr
desgw-190510a   2019-05-11T17:33:16   21.26  0.07

DG19bexl            2019-05-10T17:54:47    21.21  0.04
                            2019-05-11T16:57:13    21.49  0.09

DG19etsk            2019-05-10T17:33:32    20.92  0.10

DG19fqqk            2019-05-10T18:08:23   20.57   0.04
(desgw-190510c) 2019-05-10T23:45:52   20.88   0.04
                              2019-05-11T17:36:25   20.71  0.04

DG19lcnl             2019-05-10T23:33:34   19.92   0.04

                            2019-05-11T17:23:49   19.82   0.03

DG19llhk             2019-05-10T17:08:10   21.23   0.04
                            2019-05-10T17:20:36   21.17   0.05
                            2019-05-11T17:20:40   21.37   0.11

DG19nanl           2019-05-10T23:33:34   20.43   0.04

DG19nouo          2019-05-10T17:20:36   21.64  0.05
                            2019-05-10T23:21:17   21.51  0.05

DG19oahn          2019-05-11T16:50:54   19.48  0.03

DG19ootl            2019-05-10T23:33:34   21.51  0.07

DG19ukvo          2019-05-10T16:48:24   21.56  0.14

DG19yhhm         2019-05-10T17:20:36   20.43   0.04
                            2019-05-10T23:21:17  20.33  0.05

DG19zaxn          2019-05-10T17:27:13  21.16   0.04
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