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GCN Circular 24486

LIGO/Virgo S190426c: VLA Follow-Up Observations of ZTF19aassfws
2019-05-11T16:52:35Z (5 years ago)
Alessandra Corsi at Texas Tech U <>
Alessandra Corsi (TTU), Dale Frail (NRAO), Gregg Hallinan (Caltech), Kunal Mooley (Caltech/NRAO), Mansi Kasliwal (Caltech)
report on behalf of the JAGWAR collaboration:

We imaged the field of ZTF19aassfws (Perley et al. GCN 24331, Cenko et al. GCN 24430, Fremling et al. GCN 24433, Dong et al. 
24440, Huber et al. GCN 24458), identified in the error region of the LIGO-Virgo event S190426c (LVC GCN 24237, 24411), with 
the Karl G. Jansky Very Large Array (VLA) in its B configuration. Our observations started on 2019 May10 at 07:19:15 UT, ended 
on 2019 May 10 at 10:18:45 UT, and were carried out at a central frequency of about 2.8 GHz. Preliminary analysis shows no 
evidence for significant radio emission at the location of ZTF19aassfws. We thus constrain the radio flux density at the
location of the ZTF transient to be <~16 uJy (3 sigma). At z=0.093, this corresponds to a luminosity density <~3.5e27 erg/s/Hz.

We thank the NRAO staff for promptly executing these observations.
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