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GCN Circular 24169

LIGO/Virgo S190425z: INTEGRAL prompt observation
2019-04-25T10:03:31Z (5 years ago)
Antonio Martin-Carrillo at UCD,Space Science Group <>
A. Martin-Carillo (UCD, Dublin)
V. Savchenko, C. Ferrigno (ISDC/UniGE, Switzerland)
J. Rodi (IAPS-Roma, Italy)
A. Coleiro (APC, France)
S. Mereghetti (INAF IASF-Milano, Italy)

on behalf of the INTEGRAL multi-messenger collaboration:

We investigated serendipitous INTEGRAL observations carried out at the
time of the LIGO/Virgo burst candidate S190425z.  The satellite was
covering the entire localization region of the LIGO-Virgo event with a sensitivity depending on the source position.
The best sensitivity depends on the source location.

We investigated the SPI-ACS and IBIS/PICsIT light curves between -30 and +30 s from
the trigger time (2019-04-25T08:18:05 UTC, T0) on temporal scales from
0.1 to 10s.

In the SPI-ACS or IBIS/PICsIT data, we do not detect a significant signal.
In SPI-ACS data, a marginally significant excess with S/N of 3.7 at is seen at T0+6s at the timescale of 1s.
Further analysis is ongoing, and will be reported in the coming circulars.
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