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GCN Circular 23853

GRB 190202A: R and I band observation from HCT
2019-02-04T07:09:08Z (5 years ago)
Brajesh Kumar at Indian Inst. of Astrophysics <>
Brajesh Kumar (IIA), Avinash Singh (IIA), Ashish Raj (IIA), S. B. Pandey 
(ARIES), D. K. Sahu (IIA) and G. C. Anupama (IIA)

We observed the field of GRB 190202A (Lien et al., GCNC 23830) with the 
2-m Himalayan Chandra Telescope (HCT) located at the Indian Astronomical 
Observatory, Hanle, India on 2019-02-02 (21:32:29 UT). Two frames in 
Bessell R and I-bands with an exposure time of 300 sec each were 
obtained. The OT candidate (Novichonok et al., GCNC 23831; Steeghs et 
al., GCNC 23833; Cucchiara, GCNC 23839; Paek et al., GCNC 23841; 
Malesani et al., GCNC 23842; Belkin et al., 23843; Moskvitin & 
Spiridonova, GCNC 23844) is clearly detected in both frames at the Swift 
UVOT coordinates (Kuin & Lien, GCNC 23834). The preliminary magnitudes 
calibrated against the USNO-B1.0 catalogue are following:

       UT-mid          Band           Mag
-------------------  ------    --------------
2019-02-02 21:34:59    R       20.66 +/- 0.17
2019-02-02 21:40:56    I       20.08 +/- 0.20

We thank the observing staff at IAO and CREST for helping with the 
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