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GCN Circular 23735

GRB190114C, Long follow up urged
2019-01-16T11:14:09Z (5 years ago)
Arnon Dar at Technion-Israel Inst. of Tech <>
S. Dado and A. Dar report:

A long follow up of the afterglow of the very bright GRB190114C (Groop
et al. GCN 23688; Hamburg et al. GCN 23707) like that of GRB130427A
(De Pasquale et al. MNRAS 462 (2016) 1111) may provide another critical
test of GRB theories. In the Cannonball (CB) model, the X-ray afterglow
of very bright SN-GRBs is expected to decay like a single power-law in
time and in frequency, Fnu ~ t^{-alpha} nu^{-beta}, where for a constant 
density ISM the temporal and spectral indices satisfy alpha=beta+1/2 and 
the "missing break" is hidden under the prompt emission (Dado & Dar, PRD 
94 (2016) 3007). The current values alpha=1.34+/-0.01 and beta=0.82+/-0.12,
reported for GRB190114C in the Swift XRT light curve repository (Evans et 
al. 2009) seem to satisfy well the above CB model closure relation, which 
suggests an SN-GRB association similar to SN2013cq-GRB130427A.
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