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GCN Circular 22122

LIGO/Virgo G288732/GW170608: updated localization from parameter estimation
2017-11-14T21:10:47Z (7 years ago)
Leo Singer at NASA/GSFC <>
The LIGO Scientific Collaboration and the Virgo Collaboration report:

We have re-analysed offline noise-subtracted data for the LIGO Hanford
Observatory (H) and the LIGO Livingston Observatory (L) around the time of
the binary black hole merger event G288732 / GW170608 (GCNs 21221 and
21239) taking into account our most up-to-date understanding of both
calibration and waveform modelling uncertainties.

Parameter estimation has been performed using LALInference (Veitch et al.,
PRD 91, 042003) and a new sky map, LALInference-P.fits.gz, is available
for retrieval from the GraceDB event page:

The 50% and 90% credible regions span about 170 and 520 square degrees,

This is the preferred sky map at this time, and the version that will
appear in LVC 2017 ("GW170608: Observation of a 19-solar-mass binary black
hole coalescence", in preparation).
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