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GCN Circular 22107

GRB 171010A: possible SN component
2017-11-07T00:01:02Z (7 years ago)
Antonino Cucchiara at UVI <>
A. Cucchiara (University of the Virgin Islands),
L. G. Strolger (STScI) report on  behalf of a larger

We observed the location of the LAT GRB 171010A (Omodei et al.,
GCN 21985; Poolakkil & Meegan, GCN 21992; Sharma et al.,
GCN 21990) at z = 0.33 (Kankare et al., GCN 22002) with the
1.3 m Remotely Controlled Telescope (RCT) located at Kitt Peak
Observatory in optical R-band. We performed a series of 120s
exposures under good conditions (2.2 arcseconds seeing) and
airmass of 1.4 on average.

Beginnng October 23.41 UT (12.21 days post burst) we identified
an excess over the host galaxy flux and a subsequent fading optical
source at the location of the GRB+Host galaxy. These are indicative
of a possible supernova component (as suggested by de Ugarte Postigo
et al. GCN 22096).

T-T0          R Mag
(days)        (Host+SN)
12.21         18.87 +- 0.10
14.21         19.64 +- 0.13
15.21         20.21 +- 0.19

The magnitude are calibrated agains several USNO-B1 objects in
the field and are not corrected for galactic extinction.
Further observations are planned.
We thank the RCT Consortium for permitting these observations.
RCT is operated by South Carolina State University, Villanova
University, and University of Western Kentucky.
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