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GCN Circular 22043

Fermi GBM Observations of IceCube-171015A
2017-10-23T01:11:41Z (7 years ago)
Rachel Hamburg at UAH <>
R. Hamburg (UAH) and A. Goldstein (USRA) report on behalf
of the Fermi GBM team:

We have searched the Fermi Gamma-ray Burst Monitor data
for a gamma-ray counterpart to the IceCube neutrino 171015A
(GCN 22016). The location of the neutrino was observed by
GBM with good geometry.

There were no associated on-board triggers +/- 15 hours of
the neutrino event time. The ground-based untargeted search
of GBM data (Briggs et al., in prep) did not find any candidates
+/- 1 hour of the event time. The targeted search of GBM data
([1],[2]) also searched +/- 30 s around the neutrino event time,
processing timescales of 0.256 s to 8.192 s. No significant
candidates were found.

Using a hard Band function with (Epeak, alpha, beta) =
(500 keV, -0.5,-2.5), we set 3 sigma flux-averaged upper limits
for any transient within 30 s of the neutrino event time.
Averaged over (0.1 s, 1 s, and 10 s) timescales, the
corresponding upper limits in the 10-1000 keV band are
(16.4, 4.82, 1.47) E-7 erg/s/cm^2. Using an exponentially cut-off
power law parametrized with (Epeak, index) = (566 keV, -0.42),
which represents the average GBM-triggered short GRB, the
flux-averaged upper limits are (18.0, 5.26, 1.61) E-7 erg/s/cm^2.

[1] L. Blackburn et al. 2015, ApJS 217, 8
[2] A. Goldstein et al. arXiv:1612.02395
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