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GCN Circular 2156

GRB030329: 444 AAVSO Measurements
2003-04-20T03:21:34Z (21 years ago)
AAVSO GRB Network at AAVSO <>
A. Price (AAVSO); B. Aquino (AWJ); E. Broens (BOS) & J. Hambsch
(HJB) (VVS Werkgroep Veranderlijke Sterren); P. Brown (OPO01 -
Brigham Young University); T. DiLapo (DLN); B. Dillon (DIL) &
J. Dellinger, D. Beaver, P. Garossino, T. Garossino; N.
Dunckel (DNI); T. Durig &  A. L. Seifert, C. B. Norton, G.F. Garland,
J.K. Cole, J.B. Cherry (CLW01 - University of the South); B. Gary
(GBL); B. Granslo (GRL); A. Henden (USRA/USNO); D. Hohman (HDF);
D. Kaiser (KDA); Z. Kereszty (KZX); P. Kilmartin & A. Gilmore (KPM
- University of Canterbury) J. Liesmann (LJI); G. Lubcke (LBG); J.
Mattei (AAVSO); B. Monard (MLF); P. Nelson (NLX); A. Oksanen (OAR)
& P. Tikkanen (TPE); P. P��kk�nen (PPK); D. Starkey (SDB);
A. von der Linden & T. Schrabback (XXX - IAEF, Bonn University);
D. West (WJD) report on behalf of the AAVSO International GRB Network:

   The AAVSO has 444 measurements of of the GRB030329 OT found by
Peterson and Price (GCN 1985) spanning 03:47 on March 31 to
03:09 on April 17, 2003. All observations have been rereduced using
the final photometry from Henden et al. (GCN 2114)

   A light curve, all data plus a finder chart with the comparison
and check stars used is available at this URL:

  Full reports including equipment and site info are available
at Many of the FITS images
are available there as well.

 The AAVSO International GRB network is grateful for a generous
grant from the Curry Foundation and to NASA for the financial
support for the High Energy Workshops for Amateur Astronomers.
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