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GCN Circular 21530

LIGO/Virgo G298048: DECam optical candidate
2017-08-18T01:15:01Z (7 years ago)
Ryan Chornock at Ohio U <>
S. Allam (Fermilab), J. Annis (Fermilab), E. Berger (Harvard), D. J. Brout 
(UPenn), D. Brown (Syracuse), R. E. Butler (Fermilab), H.-Y. Chen (Harvard), R. 
Chornock (Ohio University), E. Cook (TAMU), P. Cowperthwaite (Harvard), H. T. 
Diehl (Fermilab), A. Drlica-Wagner (Fermilab), M. R. Drout (Carnegie), R. J. 
Foley (UCSC), W. Fong (Northwestern), D. Fox (Penn State), J. Frieman
(Fermilab/UChicago), R. Gruendl (NCSA), K. Herner (Fermilab), D. Holz
(UChicago), R. Kessler (UChicago), R. Margutti (Northwestern), J. Marshall 
(TAMU), E. Neilsen (Fermilab), M. Nicholl (Harvard), F. Paz-Chincon (NCSA), A. 
Rest (STScI), M. Sako (UPenn), D. Scolnic (U Chicago), N. Smith (Arizona), M. 
Soares-Santos (BrandeisU), D. Tucker (Fermilab), V. A. Villar (Harvard), P. K. 
G. Williams (Harvard), B. Yanny (Fermilab)

On behalf of the larger DESGW+community team:

We have imaged the BAYESTAR localization map of LIGO/Virgo G298048 (GCN 21513) 
using DECam on the CTIO 4m in both i and z band.  Visual inspection of 
unprocessed DECam images reveals a new source not present in Pan-STARRS 3Pi 
images north and east of NGC 4993 (d~40 Mpc, from NED), consistent with the 
source found by Coulter et al. (LVC GCN 21529).  Analysis and further 
observations are ongoing.
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