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GCN Circular 2075

GRB 030329 , SPM optical observations
2003-04-02T23:08:34Z (21 years ago)
Sergej Zharikov at OAN IA UNAM <>
S. Zharikov (OAN SPM, IA UNAM, Mexico), E. Benitez, J. Torrealba, J.
Stepanian (IA UNAM, Mexico) report:

We have observed the GRB030329 OT with 1.5m and 2.1m
telescopes of SPM Observatory, BC, Mexico. A set of exposures in UBVRI
Bessel filters was obtained with 1.5m telescope under photometric
conditions. Standard stars RU 149  from Landolt's catalogue
were used for photometric calibrations.
The results of photometry are following:
 31 March   U      B     V     R      I
UT 7:00   16.62
UT 7:13         17.27
UT 7.16                16.90
UT 7:21                      16.46
UT 7:26                             16.11
UT 7:31  16:65
UT 7:37        17.28
UT 7:43               16.84
UT 7:49                     16.08
UT 7:54                             16.05
UT 8:48  16.58
UT 8:54        17.30
UT 8:59               16.92
UT 9:05                     16.51
UT 9:11                            16.11
UT10:08  16:59
UT10:13       17.27
UT10:19              16.83
UT10:60                    16:60
UT10:31                           16:22
Errors are about 0.03.

Spectrum of the optical afterglow of GRB 030329 were obtained at the 
same night with the 2.1-m telescope and B&Ch spectrograph (600l/mm).
The spectra cover the wavelength range of 6100 to 8200 AA with a
resolution of about 2.2A/pix.
The spectral data analysis is in progress.

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