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GCN Circular 20689

LIGO/Virgo G274296: Identification of a GW Burst Candidate
2017-02-17T19:43:13Z (7 years ago)
Peter Shawhan at U of Maryland/LSC <>
The LIGO Scientific Collaboration and Virgo report:

The CWB Burst analysis identified candidate G274296 during real-time
processing of data from LIGO Hanford Observatory (H1) and LIGO
Livingston Observatory (L1) at 2017-02-17 06:05:55.050 UTC (GPS time:
1171346771.050).  This circular has been sent around 13 hours after
the event due to a processing issue.  G274296 is an event of interest
because its false alarm rate, as determined by the online analysis, is
1.7e-07 Hz or about one in 2 months, passing our alert threshold of
~0.5/month. The event's properties can be found at this URL:

No other GW event candidates were identified within a 300 s window
before or after G274296.

One sky maps are available at this time and can be retrieved from the
GraceDB event page: skyprobcc_cWB.fits, an initial localization
generated by cWB, distributed via GCN notice about 13 hours after the

The morphology of the event candidate is unclear. We can���t confirm
the shape as a chirp, but we can���t discard it.

Updates on our analysis of this event will be sent as they become
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