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GCN Circular 20474

GRB 170115B: AGILE detection
2017-01-16T22:48:39Z (7 years ago)
Francesco Verrecchia at ASDC <>
F. Verrecchia (ASDC and INAF/OAR), A. Ursi (INAF/IAPS), F. Lucarelli (ASDC
and INAF/OAR), F. Longo (Univ. Trieste and INFN Trieste), M. Tavani
(INAF/IAPS, and Univ. Roma Tor Vergata) report:

AGILE detected the long GRB 170115B, reported by Fermi-GBM (Hamburg et al.
GCN #20463) and Fermi-LAT (McEnery et al. GCN #20464), at favourable
off-axis angles between 0 and 30 deg. The AGILE-GRID detected the burst at
about 4-sigma above 30 MeV with an extended gamma-ray emission lasting
about 60 sec.

The AGILE MiniCaLorimeter (MCAL), sensitive in the energy range from 400 keV
to 100 MeV, detected this burst that triggered the on-board sub-millisecond
timescale logic. The MCAL light curve shows multiple peaks, from T0 until
the end of the acquisition at T0 + 10.5 s. Three main peaks are evident
during the first 2.5 sec following T0. During this time interval, the total
number of counts is ~5500 for a background rate of 580 counts/s.

This measurement was obtained with AGILE observing a large portion of the
sky in spinning mode.
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