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GCN Circular 2032

GRB 030324, optical search
2003-03-30T22:30:48Z (21 years ago)
Peter Garnavich at U of Notre Dame <>
K. Luhman, T. Megeath, T. Spahr, K.Z. Stanek (CfA), S. Holland
  P. Garnavich (Notre Dame)

We observed the error circle of GRB 030324 (GCN 1954) with
the Fred L. Whipple 1.2-m telescope and R filter on three

 Date    Time   t (days)   R_lim
Mar. 24  06:25   0.134     22.4 
Mar. 24  10:37   0.309     22.5
Mar. 26  07:52   2.194     22.7

where R_lim is the 3-sigma limiting magnitude. Visual
comparison and subtraction of the the epochs reveals no new,
strongly variable sources down to the corresponding limits.
A star present on the digitized sky survey at
13:37:19.23 -00:16:21 (2000) is seen to vary between 19.2
and 18.8 in the R-band.

Deep R-band images centered on the error circle, but covering
only the inner 7.4' diameter field were obtained with the
Magellan 6.5-m Clay telescope and LDSS2 imaging/spectrograph: 

 Date    Time     t (days)    R_lim
Mar. 24  08:14     0.210      23.1 
Mar. 25  05:35     1.100      23.3

and subtraction of these images does not reveal any
new, variable sources.

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