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GCN Circular 2013

GRB 030329, optical spectroscopy
2003-03-30T03:19:19Z (21 years ago)
Peter Garnavich at U of Notre Dame <>
P. Martini (OCIW), P. Garnavich (Notre Dame) and K.Z. Stanek (CfA)

Spectra of the optical afterglow of GRB 030329 (Peterson & Price,
GCN 1985; Torii: GCN 1986) were obtained with the
Magellan 6.5-m Clay telescope and LDSS2 imaging/spectrograph
starting at March 30.06 (UT). The spectra cover the wavelength
range of 4000 to 9000 Ang. with a resolution of 13 Ang. FWHM.
Preliminary analysis of the spectum of this bright GRB afterglow
shows a smooth blue continuum with no significant absorption
features. The only obvious feature is an unresolved emission
line at 5852 Ang. If this is [OII] emission from the host galaxy,
then the redshift is z=0.57. Further analysis is continuing.

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[GCN OPS NOTE(02apr03): The date int he first line was corrected
from "GRB 030328" to "GRB 030329".]
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