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GCN Circular 18448

LIGO/Virgo G194575: Fermi GBM Observations
2015-10-23T01:18:43Z (9 years ago)
Valerie Connaughton at NASA/MSFC/USRA <>
LIGO/Virgo G194575:  Fermi GBM Observations

Lindy Blackburn (CfA), Michael S. Briggs (UAH), Eric Burns (UAH), Jordan Camp (NASA/GSFC), 
Nelson Christensen (Carleton College), Valerie Connaughton(USRA), Tito Dal Canton (MPG), 
Adam Goldstein (NASA/MSFC), Peter Jenke (UAH), Tyson Littenberg (USRA/UAH), 
Judith Racusin (NASA/GSFC), Peter Shawhan (UMD), Leo Singer (NASA/GSFC), 
John Veitch (Birmingham), Binbin Zhang (UAH)

The region around 13h in Right Ascension, containing most of the probability for the LIGO CBC 
candidate G194575 reported by Singer et al. GCN 18442, was observed by Fermi GBM during 
the GW event.  The region around 01h was occulted by the Earth.

A search of the GBM Time-Tagged Event data between 8 keV and 40 MeV from 64 s before to 
82 s after the CBC candidate event revealed no significant emission on search timescales in 
factors of 2 from 64 ms to 2.048 s.

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