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GCN Circular 18340

LIGO/Virgo G184098: Nearby Galaxies in Error Circle
2015-09-20T01:48:52Z (9 years ago)
Mansi M. Kasliwal at Caltech <>
M. M. Kasliwal (Caltech), J. K. Cannizzo (NASA/UMBC), N. Gehrels (NASA
GSFC)  and P. Evans (U. Leicester)

report on behalf of a larger collaboration

We cross-matched the LIGO/Virgo G184098 trigger (95% containment contour)
with our Census of the Local Universe (CLU) galaxy catalog. The biggest,
nearby galaxy is of course the Large Magellanic Cloud. But if we limit our
search to galaxies that constitute the top half of the Schechter function
in the 80 Mpc volume, we find about 170 galaxies. Furthermore, weighing the
galaxy luminosity with the underlying containment probability, here are the
top ten potential host galaxies in our list:

Name          RA(J2000) DEC(J2000)
ESO088-G017  112.250  -66.897
NGC2442      114.099  -69.531
IC2202       111.977  -67.574
ESO090-G011  134.577  -65.368
NGC3110      151.009  -6.475
NGC3145      152.541  -12.434
NGC2967      145.514  0.336
ESO126-G003  138.663  -60.434
NGC2187A      90.934  -69.588
NGC2150       88.943  -69.561

We caution that the probability contained in these galaxies is a small
fraction of the total. Yet, these may be interesting for deeper searches
where wide-angle is unavailable. For example, see Evans et al. notice for
Swift satellite follow-up of this trigger.  For more details about the
rationale for selection and the CLU galaxy catalog, see Gehrels et al.

[GCN OPS NOTE(19sep15): This Circular was originally published on 08:49 18-Sep-2015 UT.]
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