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GCN Circular 17545

GRB 150301C: VLA Observations
2015-03-04T23:18:10Z (9 years ago)
Tanmoy Laskar at Harvard U <>
T. Laskar, E. Berger (Harvard) and D. Fox (PSU) report on behalf of a larger

"We observed GRB 150301C (Lien et al; GCN 17512) with the VLA beginning on 2015
March 04.03 UT (2.77 days after the burst) at a mean frequency of 9.8 GHz.
No radio counterpart is detected in the 90-minute observation within the
XRT error circle (Evans et al; GCN 17536) to a 3 sigma upper limit of 18
uJy. The 90-minute observation covers the full BAT error circle and does not
contain any radio source brighter than the NVSS flux limit. Well-detected
sources fainter than the NVSS limit have been identified for possible
future monitoring. We thank the VLA staff for scheduling and obtaining
these observations."
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