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GCN Circular 17484

GRB 150213B, the review of the sky area in plate archives
2015-02-21T16:24:17Z (9 years ago)
Valentyna Golovnya at Main Astro Obs,Kyiv <>
V.V. Golovnya (Main Astro Obs., Kyiv)
We have undertaken the review of the sky area of GRB 150213B (J.P. Osborne
et al. GCN Circ. 17475) on astronegatives, collected in Ukrainian plate 
archive (1976-1996). All the plates with the possible object appearance are
digitized using Epson Expression 10000XL flatbed scanner and the images
have been placed into Golosiiv Plate Archive database DBGPA with open
access to them. The list of plates is given in the table:

yyyymmdd/TimeUT   ---Plates----- Exp. -Mag- --USNO-B1--
19770616/20:26:55 GUA040C000526B 60.1 17.26 1241-0248873
19770622/20:59:18 GUA040C000533B 60.0 17.26 1241-0248873
19770707/20:05:18 GUA040D000569A 29.7 17.20 1241-0248872
19770713/20:16:28 GUA040C000578B 30.0 17.20 1241-0248872
19770713/20:16:29 GUA040D000579  30.0 17.20 1241-0248872

Plates -the plates archive identifier of DWA D/F=400/2000, M=103"/mm
(Marsden's number - 083) the plate number [1].
Exp. - Duration of the maximum exposures (minutes).
Mag - Limited Bmag, derived in the 9 minutes area around the location
given in J.P. Osborne et al. GCN Circ. 17475:
RA(J2000): 16h 53m 48.56s, Dec(J2000): +34d 11' 19.5".
USNO-B1 - Comparison star.
  The preview images of 5 areas together with the 9 min. of arc area
from Aladin can be found in
The images with full resolution are available via e-mail on demand.

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