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GCN Circular 17267

Short burst found in ground analysis of Swift-BAT data
2015-01-02T23:43:01Z (9 years ago)
Jay R. Cummings at NASA/GSFC/Swift <>
J. R. Cummings reports on behalf of the Swift-BAT science team:

A short burst occurred during a Swift slew at 15:23 on Jan 1, 2015.  It
triggered Fermi GBM, trigger number 441818617.  A significant source was
found in ground analysis of BAT slew data at RA, Dec 188.044, -10.956,
which is

   RA (J2000) 12h 32m 10.5s
   Dec (J2000) -10d 57' 21"

with an estimated 90% containment radius of 2.5 arcmin.

The lightcurve shows a single peak with a T90 of 0.018 +- 0.006 seconds.
There appears to be significant spectral lag.

The spectrum seen in BAT is soft.  The best fit function is a blackbody
spectrum with kT = 9.6 +- 1.5 keV.  A simple powerlaw fit has a photon
index of 3.3 +- 0.5.  The blackbody fit gives a fluence between 15-150 keV
in 0.1 seconds of (2.3 +- 0.6) x 10^-8 ergs/cm^2.  Errors are 90%

A Swift TOO request has been submitted in order to determine the nature
of the source.
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