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GCN Circular 172

GRB 981226 optical observations
1998-12-27T23:29:52Z (25 years ago)
Paul Vreeswijk at U of Amsterdam <>
T.J. Galama, P. Vreeswijk (U. of Amsterdam), E. Palazzi, F. Frontera,
N. Masetti (ITESRE, CNR, Bologna) J. van Paradijs (U. of Amsterdam and
U. of Alabama in Huntsville), C. Kouveliotou (USRA/MSFC), and
A.C. Cameron (U. of St Andrews, UK) report:

"We have compared Anglo-Australian Telescope (AAT) R-band images (Dec
27.48 1998 UT) with the Digitized Sky Survey (DSS; 'Second Epoch
Southern' survey, UK Schmidt red filter), at the position of the
BeppoSAX NFI source (BeppoSAX mail 98/26) in the error box of GRB
981226 (Di Ciolo et al. IAUCirc 7074). The AAT image shows a point
source at RA = 23h29m35.0s, Dec = -23d56'31'' which is not visible in
the DSS. The position is accurate to 2 arcsec (1-sigma). We calibrated
the field using the standard field PG0231+051 (Landolt 1992, AJ 104,
340) and obtain R = 21.04 +- 0.10 for the point source. We cannot
establish whether the source is related to GRB 981226 as this is a
comparison between different filters, but it is a possible candidate."

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