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GCN Circular 17152

GRB141207A: Discovery Channel Telescope Optical Observations
2014-12-09T01:41:06Z (9 years ago)
Vicki Toy at UMD <>
V. Toy (UMD), J. Capone (UMD), E. Troja (NASA-GSFC), S.B. Cenko
(NASA-GSFC), A. Cucchiara (NASA-GSFC), A. Kutyrev (NASA-GSFC), and S.
Veilleux (UMD) report on behalf of a larger collaboration:

We observed the field of the Fermi-LAT GRB141207A (Fermi-GBM trigger
439672284/141207800, Arimoto et al., GCN 17146; Burns et al., GCN 17150)
with the Large Monolithic Imager (LMI) on the 4.3m Discovery Channel
Telescope (DCT) at Happy Jack, AZ from 2014/12/08 11:08 to 2014/12/08 12:30
UTC (starting 16.0 hours after the Fermi trigger). We imaged 5 fields
covering the entire 90% LAT error region.  No source is detected at the
positions of the two X-ray sources reported by Amaral-Rogers and Evans (GCN
17149).  We estimate a 3-sigma upper limit of r > 23.2
(RA,Dec=160.0639,3.8933) and r > 21.3 (RA,Dec=159.8172, 4.0930).

We detect the source reported by Siegel and Amaral-Rogers (GCN 17151) with
r'=20.09+/-0.04.  We note that this coincides with a galactic SDSS source,

These magnitudes are reported in AB magnitude and are not corrected for
Galactic extinction in the direction of the GRB.

We thank the staff of the Discovery Channel Telescope for assistance with
these observations.
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